Landscaping on a budget? Learn 10 tips here

Doing some landscaping on a budget? Well you know that when you browse every landscaping page online, they throw you this tip and that guide and what not. It’s human nature to think that if everyone’s doing something, it must be right. Yet many common gardening practices are unwise and imitating them doesn’t do any good. If you’re wasting time and money or creating a big environmental impact, now is the time to change your way. A little awareness and willingness to change behavior can solve the myriad of gardening problems with no downside and often with minimum to no cost at all. (more…)

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Outdoor landscaping for garden weddings

I recently picked up a post from our Facebook Fanpage about a week ago. She asked if I could throw in some ideas on perfect landscaping for wedding photo shoots. Well, it’s common to see modern couples to tie their knot on spectacular outdoor ceremonies these days. The perfect surroundings make for a memorable wedding of course, but the photos that spur those memories for years to come will showcase the landscaping, plant material, and flowers that surround the wedding. Creating the perfect landscaping environment for stunning photos takes careful planning though, but with the right help isn’t exactly an impossible aspect to planning. You can make the wedding of your dreams appear just as magical and surreal in your wedding photos as your imagination dictates. Here are some simple thoughts to get your landscaping ideas moving for your perfect wedding and to enhance your beautiful wedding photo shots. (more…)

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Landscape design ideas: Beds and edging

Landscape bed is a ground area where we utilize for growing flowers, annuals, vegetables, etc. Beds can be dug to create borders in an outdoor living room, or they can be positioned as main feature of your back yard. The shape, size, and location of a landscape bed is subject to your landscape design literally. You just need add edging giving it a polished look to the walkway or patio area. You can trim a bed with brick, natural slate, timber, or neat-and-clean black plastic edging. Edging serves the practical purpose of containment, keeping surface material in place so it doesn’t drift off into the yard. Aesthetically speaking, it creates a visual border and provides an opportunity to incorporate hardscape into a landscape design. (more…)

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3 Garden fencing ideas

In case you are looking for some garden fencing ideas, various forms of fencing ranging from screens, fences or plantings are commonly preferred ideas to build your area of privacy. The idea of fencing is to have a structure that can block eye level or restrict vision into your landscape area. 6 ½ feet is an ideal height for a privacy fence. If your concern is privacy only when sitting, say for patio dining, 3- or 4- foot plants or structures are sufficient height. Worst is something just below eye level—5 feet or so— because of its distracting height. Plantings usually are a cheaper option to build neighborhood privacy in comparison to fences or screens but require regular maintenance. A clipped hedge is more preferred than a weathered fence, but a painted fence is more attractive than an informal shrub border. Shrubs and trees undeniably provide lush greenery privacy, but fences and screens can do the same if they’re climbed by a vine or used as a backdrop for flowers, ground covers, and smaller shrubs. If you demand of complete privacy, plantings alone may not be a good choice because diseases and weather transitions can create future gaps. Screens, which can be anything from sections of fence to individually designed panels, are particularly effective when you desire a lighter look than fencing would provide. (more…)

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Landscape water features

Landscape_water_featureLandscape water features are increasingly popular, requiring modern landscapers like me to comprehend the details of their construction. Apparently water is a natural source and is commonly associated with its calm and tranquility, so it is their method of utilization and containment that make water features as hardscape. The uses of water features include ponds, pools, waterfalls, mini water rapids, streams, fountains, swimming pools, and combinations of these and other landscaping features. Ideally, the uses of water features are constrained only by imagination. Water features are increasingly part of desired landscapes among many clients, for both exterior and interior. The controlled and contrived use of water in landscapes has been with mankind for centuries. The only significant changes over time have been in the technology of water circulation and piping in the sources of the water. Fountains of the Renaissance depended heavily on the force of gravity, created when water flows between levels, to propel the water high into the air. That similar effect can now be creatively achieved with pumps and electricity. Historic water features also needed a natural water source to supply them, often resulting in the damming of small streams to create lakes and even the diversion of rivers from their natural course to new routes through the gardens of wealthy aristocrats. That impractical solution has been replaced with pumps and filters that conserve and recirculate a fixed water container. (more…)

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Container gardening ideas

The other day my client asked me about suitable container gardening ideas to pot few of her flower specimens. There are a wide range of containers and pots to choose from local nurseries but before you buy there are some key factors to take into account. A tip of mine; choose a style, shape, pattern and color that suits your garden theme you wish to bring and also consider the material from which the container is derived, since each has its pros and cons. (more…)

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Choosing a planting style

So you are excited to crack down your first DIY landscaping work. The beauty of features penned on your perfect plan is finally close to become reality. It’s okay to get the excitement pumped up and even though some planting activities may appear advanced and may consume more time to get there, I hope that all of your work and effort will be taking you in the right direction but first please take your time going through below criteria.

Firstly, you should recognize what kind of landscaping that you desire. If you long for a tropical garden with exotic plants, such as palms and other architectural specimens, you can achieve it with the use of containers on a sun-drenched terrace, even in cold regions. In my native country, there are parks in major vicinities. I can look for ideas for my clients’ projects by visiting these public parks and observe the array of plants used, how these plants are maintained, and son on. Alternatively, you can start reading landscaping and gardening books, magazines, and related television shows. (more…)

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Elements of a green landscaping

Like many backyard gardener knows, getting few plants to grow involves a great deal of trial and error—and also time, money, patience, and even wonder: How can it be that your next-door neighbour has more perfect blossoming jasmines than she knows what to do with when all you can produce is a handful of mealy specimens each year? It could be her soil or her tempering technique, but most likely the difference is that her backyard’s microclimate factor is a better and conducive for growing jasmines. In the bigger picture, this imbalance occurs not just across the globe but also from county to county. Yet, you can visit any garden center in, say, Denver, and find a huge selection of plants that evolved not on the Western plains but in coastal climates or even the dampest regions of Scotland. These plants may survive in the dry Denver air with enormous amounts of irrigation and probably lots of chemicals, but it begs the question: Why fight nature? Choosing plants that are well-adapted to the local climate (don’t forget your yard’s microclimate too) is the first step in creating a green landscape, both literally and figuratively. In many regions, this also means limiting the amount of conventional grass because of its insatiable thirst for water.



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Ideas4Landscaping personal review

Hi folks! I recently was looking for outstanding DIY landscaping ideas and inspirations to transform one of my client’s house front yard. The client was an affluent ‘somebody’ and was looking for an aesthetic yet modern look of front yard that would not be filled with merely shrubs and typical stone settings. So I started browsing for new materials and catalogs in my attempt to bring the ‘wow’ effect to my client’s landscape. Intriguingly, I found this particular eBook and I feel the you should check it out now. The product is called Ideas4Landscaping.

This great product is basically a comprehensive compendium of more than 7000 (you read it right; seven thousand) landscaping ideas, designs,  and themes and about 300 pages of gardening landscape templates. The content was very generous with ideas and tips that I purchased the entire complete package and I must tell you this; having Ideas4Landscaping is like having a complete guidebook to my landscaping business!

The product walks through colossal DIY landscaping ideas and blueprints tailored to different aspects of landscaping area of the house, complete with pictures of over 7250 different landscaping designs. The author, Helen Whitfield offers a simple yet efficient and user-friendly online gallery for landscaping inspiration to design your dream landscape. Inside this massive database, you’ll find thousands of landscaping pictures in more than 60 categories consisting of:

  • Backyards
  • Facadeslandscaping-pictures-design
  • Gardens
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Gazebos
  • Lawns
  • And so much more…

This massive collection of photos, ideas, and simple step-by-step details are carefully designed to help home owners (even helpful for a businessman like me) make some progress with their plan to liven up their home with the astonishing landscaping. I was tempted and blown away by how easy some of the landscaping projects were presented. Check out below media  for this amazing eBook sneak peek.

To keep it simple for you, I highlighted some of the features I was really impressed with the eBook.

  • Massive Designs to Choose From. From Roman style to 4-seasons, Japanese to fusion, you name it. It is everything you’ll need to get started in creating the perfect outdoor living experience for you and your family with gardens, pools, decks, pathways, sheds, gazebos, hedges, driveways, waterfalls, ponds, patios and walkways. There are multiple designs available for each types of landscape, so you would have variety to compare and choose the best design of your desire.
  • Perfect for beginners BUT work like pros. I found that all the designs are suitable for both beginners and professionals like me. While designs illustrated may appear inordinate but I found most of the projects can be completed if you keep up a good discipline in your landscaping project. Furthermore, the start-up ideas are surprisingly inexpensive and fit to many shoe string budget landscaping works. 
  • Wonderful bonuses included. Don’t you like extras? The 4 bonuses you get together with this product are awesome. You want some video tutorials? Confirm your cart and 120 premium landscaping videos will be unlocked instantly.ideas-4-landscaping-bonus
  • Vivid full color pictures. It helps you visualize your dream, heavenly landscape better.  Pretty much sums up all the guidelines and tips given. I’m a very visual person anyway, so it is easier for me to follow a picture or diagram instead of reading paragraphs.
  • The 60-day full money back guarantee is always appreciated. I like seeing an author who stands firm with this no- hassle policy. Well, not all products suit everyone of us. Why not give it a try and if you don’t feel like it, you can insist on refund with no question asked. (You still get to keep the 4 bonuses though!)

You should check out the happy face of Janet who managed to save $5,300 crafting her own desired backyard, thanks to the detailed guide. Rather than choosing for annual landscaping magazine subscription fills every page with nothing but cluttered ads, I feel this is a great deal you cannot afford to miss. If you are a beginner to the world of landscaping or look forward to transforming your landscaping coming next summer ,get some breathtaking inspirations inside Ideas4Landscaping. The pack is darn cheap, suitable and user friendly for beginners as well as seasoned enthusiasts alike. It’s a one-time purchase you could treasure years beyond.

UPDATE: Ideas4Landscaping is currently having summer’s special promo. Normally it sells for $97 but you can get it at $27 here (limited time only). What are you waiting for??

Landscaping Designs

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